01 May 2017

Impact of 2D animation on Digital Marketing

Today, it is possible to use state-of-the-art technology to reach consumers within a highly competitive market. Memorable story animations, such as Finding Nemo, Toy Story and Monsters S.A., were made in 3D. But have you ever thought that investing in 2D animation can be very advantageous for your business?

Betting on basics is a strategy that makes your message stand out from the crowd. Do you remember the movie The Artist, 2011? He was considered creative and daring to be filmed in black and white and, moreover, dumb – like the films of Charles Chaplin.

This retro wave is a trend that works. Thinking about it, we’ll show you the benefits of using 2D animation in digital advertising

What is 2D animation?

2D animation is a traditional method that works with a series of static drawings with small differences that – continuously reproduced – create an illusion of motion in two dimensions.

The images are drawn and painted by hand and photographed within a setting. They are then compiled and recorded in the corresponding order. However, this method can also be done digitally.

In this case, softwares, bitmaps and vector graphics are used to create and edit the illustrations. The Simpsons, for example, is the most famous TV series made with this feature. The explosion of the success of the most yellow characters in history is proof that state-of-the-art features are irrelevant when quality lies elsewhere.

What are the advantages of creating 2D animation?

2D animations offer many advantages over other audiovisual production methods. Check out the main ones:

More simplicity to create

2D projects are far less complex and simpler to formulate. In addition, often a clean design is more effective in advertising because it conveys the message more clearly to the viewer. The South Park animation, for example, stands out for the irreverence of the characters.

Greater practicality to elaborate

2D animation requires as much skill as 3D animation, but generally, the process of the first one is faster because it does not require a third dimension. Another advantage is that you do not need as realistic images, as in 3D, for the animation to be considered quality. Therefore, the design becomes much more practical.

Higher cost-benefit

In addition to being less complex, this type of animation can be accomplished with fewer features and in a shorter period of time. That means your investment will be much lower. In fact, many projects started out this way precisely because it offered this advantage.

More artistic freedom

While 3D technology has the obligation to make all objects look real, 2D makes new worlds possible. Due to the artistic freedom offered by technology, work requires a high level of talent and creativity. This helps to develop the animator’s skill as much as the other way.

Have you noticed how 2D animation can help you promote relevant marketing actions that are able to promote more engagement with your audience? With simplicity, practicality, lower cost and artistic freedom it is possible to delight people. Think about it!

What are you doing or want to do to strengthen your brand’s reputation? Leave a comment!

28 Apr 2017

Virtual Reality x Augmented Reality: Do you know the difference?

guy with a RV glasses

For some time we have heard about Virtual Reality. After many rumors, some promises and some delays, the technology is finally coming and we already have some models of glasses available in the market.

But since all that is new causes strangeness, the technology still raises doubts, especially when another very similar concept is being developed in parallel: Augmented Reality.

Do not feel bad if you have already confused the concepts or thought it is one thing. The two technologies start from the same principle of reality, but each proposal has its particularities in several aspects and we will explain the difference between them.

Virtual reality

The main difference between the two technologies lies in the fact that Virtual Reality allows multisensory immersion of the user in a 3D environment.

With the technological advancement of graphics, software, glasses and headphones that allow us to turn off external interferences, it is possible to enter fully into the presented reality.

Oculos de realidade virtual

(Photo: Divulgação/Oculus)

Augmented Reality

In the case of Augmented Reality, it is not a new reality created. It brings elements of the virtual world to the real world. 3D is inserted in real environments. That is, instead of entering a new 3D environment as in VR (virtual reality), it is the 3D that immerses in our real world.

mão segurando um celular focalizando a rua

(Photo: RA)

The interaction between man and machine is the same. Virtual and real world mingle. What changes is how it happens. On the one hand, the user feels like they are elsewhere, taking a new experience. On the other hand, the interaction happens with graphic images superimposed in real environments, giving the impression that they really are part of that environment.

Como a Realidade Virtual e isso funciona?

Virtual Reality requires VR devices. It can be three main components: a machine capable of running the software (PC, console or smartphone), a VR glasses and some control device. They act together to create a whole new environment before our eyes. Making us believe that the world really exists.

Already Augmented Reality, a webcam or some device is needed that allows the interpretation and creation of the virtual object. Through the camera, the image that will be combined with the virtual object will be transmitted to the application, which is able to interpret the signal transmitted by the camera and project the 3D object under the image.

mão segurando um celular vendo a rua e uma menina

(Picture: Knowyourmobile)

So what is the best option?


This will depend on your goal. There are many possibilities in every kind of reality. Of course for games, personally, the Virtual Reality is ahead of the Augmented one. It is also well used in advertising campaigns and other media. However, increased technology has more practical and cheaper usability for the consumer.

There are RA applications on the major download platforms, some free. Already in VR, the glasses used, still little popular, arrived on the market with a salty value for the purchase.

But for technology fans, there is no hitch! What matters is the experience. So, choose your favorite and embark on this sensational journey knowing the new world of virtual reality!

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25 Apr 2017

Blackmagic Launches DaVinci Resolve 14 and Revolutionizes Post-Production Through Collaborative Work

Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 14

Blackmagic Design has just announced the DaVinci Resolve 14!

This is the biggest launch in software history bringing a new version much more than incremental. In fact the rumors are of a total revolution in post-production.

Blackmagic Design focuses on making DaVinci Resolve bring new options to the already-used well-known tools used in post-production today.

software DaVinci Resolve 14

Here are some of the new features:

  • All-new audio post-production suite with Fairlight – inside the DaVinci Resolve
  • Performance improvements up to 10 times
  • Collaboration tools that allow multiple people editing by correcting colors and mixing audio, synchronized on the same project and at the same time.

That is, the DaVinci Resolve 14 is a fusion of 3 top software! Offering professional editing, color correction, and new audio tools from Fairlight, with a unique clique you can switch between editing, color, and audio.

Not forgetting that the new multi-user collaboration tools enable everyone to work on the same project at the same time, so we no longer need to import, export, translate or conform projects.

software DaVinci Resolve 14

Collaborative work on projects finally gets to post-production!

Learn more at

21 Apr 2017

Bad to draw? Artificial intelligence can fix that too with Google’s Autodraw

Turn quick drawings into something better than stick figures with Google’s free AutoDraw tool.

Say goodbye to crummy stick figures — artificial intelligence can now turn crappy drawings into actual artistic sketches. AutoDraw is a new web-based tool from Google, announced April 11, that interprets quick sketches and replaces them with artistic renderings.

The AI program seeks to recognize what you are drawing, and then displays similar drawings at the top for you to replace yours with. Along with replacing your sketches with artistic renderings, the online tool allows users to color in the figures and add text, good for making quick graphics that don’t look like they were done quickly, from flyers to coloring pages. Since the program is web-based, users can access it from desktop computers or mobile devices — and it’s free.

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18 Apr 2017

What to consider when choosing a video production company?

ccamera de uma produtora de vídeo sendo segurada por uma mao e com pessoa em desfoque no fundo


Choosing a video production company is one step that can mark the image of your company forever. A video is a versatile tool that can be used both to make Video marketing, and to strengthen internal marketing actions, for example.

So you need to consider a number of factors before making a choice so you do not waste your budget. If you do not know where to start, let us help you with this mission!

We separated some valuable tips to use when choosing a video production company. Are you ready? Then read on!

Before choosing a video production company, you should have the right questions

Choosing a video producer can be time-consuming. To perfect this process, you need to understand which questions are most important at the time of the first contact. To do so, look at this list of questions that may be helpful!

  • Will the producer help you from the brainstorming process?
  • Is the creation of a script and the edition included in the budget?
  • What kind of equipment do they work with?
  • In the case of a video with actors, will the producer help to hire them?
  • Will the producer help you define a marketing strategy?

Make sure the portfolio matches what you have in mind

In addition to checking the portfolio, you need to make sure that the company you are thinking of hiring works with the type of video you want. It can happen that the producer is an expert in producing a type of video that is not compatible with what you are looking for.

Look for recent works

There is a chance that the producer will not show their recent work on their website – or in their catalog of successful cases. This may induce you to make a choice on impulse and only find out the incompatibility in the future after closing contract.

Also check the social networks and video channels of the producers on Vimeo and YouTube, for example. This will help you to better understand the company you are hiring.

Expect old customers to choose a video production company

Try to get in touch with clients who have closed deals with the producer. If you can, it will be more information to base your choice. An old customer will not try to sell a service and can help you come to a decision faster – by sharing more heartfelt opinions.

Ask for a quote


After researching, it’s time to request a quote. It is through this first contact that you will know the work of the producer. Make a list of the companies you consider to hire and ask for an evaluation. Remember to value audiovisual work.

A video is a great investment to engage your audience and can improve your Inbound Marketing strategy, especially when it is done by professionals who are skilled and willing to deliver quality output.

What do you think of putting our tips into practice and request a quote now? We are sure that we will find the best solution for you!

13 Apr 2017

How to make a video script?

Laptop visto de cima com um bloco de anotações cima, uma caneta e uma xícara de café ao lado

When you work with a script, things flow better. And in audiovisual content production could not be different. So much so that there are some steps and techniques you should use to structure your content so that it can strengthen your brand, strengthen its internal marketing actions and generate more leads for your business.

For this to happen, we will help you with the preparation of the video script. Are you ready? So here we go:

Begin to sketch a video script

The 1st step to draft a video script is to start a brainstorm. By putting your ideas on paper, it will get easier enhance them and come up with a final document. You can also use script software – as Celtx, Final Draft and Scrivener – if you choose a more elaborate production.

Anyway, consider these steps:

  • search on the topic that you want to produce;
  • put all your ideas on paper;
  • use the magic formula of marketing: attention, interest, desire and action;
  • determine who will participate in your production.

Choose one type of video

Below, we list some types of video for your inspiration. You can use that combine more with your script idea for the video:


If told in the right way, following a script, inspiring stories have every condition of engaging and thrilling your audience. If that’s your goal, go ahead!

Do it yourself (DIY)

Videos with this theme tend to attract public attention to search for ways to make life more convenient, creating or retrieving something with their own hands. This is a worldwide trend that you should not pass up.

Vídeos sem som

A tendency, especially in social networks, are the videos that can be understood even without sound. For this to be possible, it is common to apply subtitles. An example is the production of culinary sites like Tastemade.

Short videos

Unless you have a good reason for a long video script, work with shorter content with less than 10 minutes. They often watched to the end and generate more engagement.

Use storytelling

The storytelling is the technique behind the videos considered “viral”. It is to awaken a feeling in the viewer telling good stories through a relevant and engaging narrative. For this, narrative techniques such as “the hero’s journey” are used, which are present on famous scripts around the world. When you tell stories, you begin to create a connection with people, and this will help you to influence and be remembered by people.

Use copywriting techniques

If your goal is to get some attitude from the audience, you need to follow the copywriting techniques. A video thought using this technique goes beyond the script: every word spoken is previously written into a script. Thus, it is possible to drive the viewer to perform a certain action. If this is your intention, be careful when preparing a video script:

  • work with a script to read and play;
  • use a teleprompter or decorate the text;
  • have a clear goal: determine a call to action (CTA);
  • measure your results.

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