Until recently we had not heard of drone filming. To achieve aerial imagery, it was necessary to accommodate the cameras in higher places or rely on helicopters.

You already know that video is one of the best options to promote your business. Now imagine getting new angles, recording in 360º and all this in high definition? Yes, this is already possible with the use of drones.

In this article, we will show you that producing videos with drones can be a reality for your company, in addition to offering competitive advantages for your business. Are you ready? Keep reading!

Filming with drones is a market trend

Aerial recording with drones is one of the great innovations in the advertising market. Many companies are already using the novelty as a competitive advantage, taking advantage of greater visual impact, innovation and detail accuracy to impact the customer more effectively.

The strategy of including drones in advertising is called DroneMarketing. What you have to know is that the drones can film what our vision can not capture and it is this differential that will add value to your production and attract the attention of the customer.

It is cheaper to use drones to make aerial images

You may be wondering how much the cost of filming with a drone is. After all, they are up – they were featured in the last Super Bowl, they will mark a special presence at Rock in Rio 2017 and, therefore, “must be a distant dream”.

Unlike many people think, there are already companies that offer this service in Brazil at an affordable price, even for small companies, when considering cost-benefit.

Of course there are still some variables like the expertise of the professionals involved and the end time of your video, but still hiring a video production company to shoot with a drone is already a reality for various companies.

Drone shooting is more versatile

The drone’s ease of locomotion, plus the ability to do aerial shots in open or closed locations, allows you to think outside the box. Check out some video possibilities that can be made with one of these devices:

  • Capturing aerial footage of your company’s facilities and employees can serve to make a corporate video more dynamic and engaging;
  • Filming your products and projects in 360º is a common practice in the real estate market, for example;
  • Stream live streaming direct from an event produced by your company;
  • Produce a teaser video to whet the curiosity of your audience;
  • Bring the language of cinema, such as air pursuits, to your promotional videos

Drones are friends with tight timelines

A team responsible for recording with a drone is usually smaller compared to the team needed to operate a helicopter, for example. This saves you time because you can move the team faster.

Also, in case something unforeseen happens as time suddenly closes, just wait for a new opportunity. It is not necessary to cancel the recordings and to extend for another day.

For these and others, you should consider producing a drone filming for your company.

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