When you work with a script, things flow better. And in audiovisual content production could not be different. So much so that there are some steps and techniques you should use to structure your content so that it can strengthen your brand, strengthen its internal marketing actions and generate more leads for your business.

For this to happen, we will help you with the preparation of the video script. Are you ready? So here we go:

Begin to sketch a video script

The 1st step to draft a video script is to start a brainstorm. By putting your ideas on paper, it will get easier enhance them and come up with a final document. You can also use script software – as Celtx, Final Draft and Scrivener – if you choose a more elaborate production.

Anyway, consider these steps:

  • search on the topic that you want to produce;
  • put all your ideas on paper;
  • use the magic formula of marketing: attention, interest, desire and action;
  • determine who will participate in your production.

Choose one type of video

Below, we list some types of video for your inspiration. You can use that combine more with your script idea for the video:


If told in the right way, following a script, inspiring stories have every condition of engaging and thrilling your audience. If that’s your goal, go ahead!

Do it yourself (DIY)

Videos with this theme tend to attract public attention to search for ways to make life more convenient, creating or retrieving something with their own hands. This is a worldwide trend that you should not pass up.

Vídeos sem som

A tendency, especially in social networks, are the videos that can be understood even without sound. For this to be possible, it is common to apply subtitles. An example is the production of culinary sites like Tastemade.

Short videos

Unless you have a good reason for a long video script, work with shorter content with less than 10 minutes. They often watched to the end and generate more engagement.

Use storytelling

The storytelling is the technique behind the videos considered “viral”. It is to awaken a feeling in the viewer telling good stories through a relevant and engaging narrative. For this, narrative techniques such as “the hero’s journey” are used, which are present on famous scripts around the world. When you tell stories, you begin to create a connection with people, and this will help you to influence and be remembered by people.

Use copywriting techniques

If your goal is to get some attitude from the audience, you need to follow the copywriting techniques. A video thought using this technique goes beyond the script: every word spoken is previously written into a script. Thus, it is possible to drive the viewer to perform a certain action. If this is your intention, be careful when preparing a video script:

  • work with a script to read and play;
  • use a teleprompter or decorate the text;
  • have a clear goal: determine a call to action (CTA);
  • measure your results.

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