It is not difficult to understand what is endomarketing: it is about using marketing techniques and tools in the internal actions of the company, having as main target the collaborators.

In practice, it means that we are going to better exploit the resources of this area to promote the engagement of the internal public around the business objectives. Nor is it complicated to justify the need for this type of investment: it is much easier to convince the end consumer about brand differentials if their values have already been properly assimilated by the employees.

Want to know how to develop a good endomarketing strategy? Check out the tips we’ve separated for today’s post!

Invest in a good planning

As with any marketing strategy, it is important to invest in planning the initiatives that will be employed. It’s the old story: not knowing where you want to go, how to choose the best way?

The first step is to make a diagnosis of the internal conditions of the organization, detecting the points of improvement regarding the relationship between company and employees. Is the internal public motivated? Understand what are the differentials of the operation? Communication has been effective?

It is from this type of analysis, which can be done through informal conversations or more structured questionnaires, that the marketing team will be able to define the objectives of the strategy and, subsequently, evaluate the initiatives most appropriate for each situation.

Diversify your initiatives

When we talk about applying marketing techniques, we have several options to use. That is, you do not have to stick to just the conventional models of communication with collaborators, like marketing emails.

As with the end consumer of brands, the internal public today is also more demanding and it is not easy to get their attention. In this respect, the importance of videos in the Internal Marketing actions rests.

The content produced in this format generates more commitment on the part of the consumer and is not different with the internal public. In this case, institutional videos (which help in understanding the company’s values) work as well as productions that support motivation, training and empowerment programs.

Another strategy employed successfully is the recording of videos for the internal communication actions planned to recognize the effort of the collaborators and to disclose good practices.

How about, for example, recording a video with the professionals that stood out in a given month? And why not use the audiovisual to share the results obtained with a particular project?

Measure Results

In addition to good strategies, the success of endomarketing depends on tracking the results. It is necessary to monitor the reactions and, from there, make the necessary adjustments.

In the case of the internal public, it is even easier to carry out the measurement, since we have to gauge people’s perceptions about the outcome of the initiatives. Has there been an improvement in the organizational climate? Do the employees show more engagement in the performance of their duties? Did the video help improve knowledge about the company’s activities?

Lastly, you do not even have to invest much to capture your internal information. Today, fortunately, the digital tools make it much easier to carry out this type of task. Most important, then, is the strategy that will be employed.

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