What a video needs to have to get your attention? Provoke is buzzword in marketing and advertising, and a common strategy among communicators is the concept of teaser.

Teaser just means “one who provokes.” It’s a short video, widely used to promote movies and video clips. The idea is to give a glimpse of what’s to come and let the audience in anticipation, asking “what is this?”

Contrary to what many people think, the teaser can be affordable and serve any type of business. Just be creative, or let a producer do it for you. But not every communicator applies the concept well, so we’ll explain, in today’s post, how to create a perfect teaser. Check it out!

How to use the teaser concept?

Before adding the concept to your marketing action, you need to understand that to use a video teaser, the company must first have a story to tell. It can not be any story: to be something that deserves to be counted!

Furthermore, it should be borne in mind that the teaser based on important aspects such as accuracy, style and technique. Finding the right tone, do not use jargon and be careful not to present something sensationalist are other important points at the time of production of a video of this kind.

How to keep the audience curious about the teaser?

A video itself can boost your Inbound Marketing strategy. When using a teaser, and improve their reach in networks, you can attract the attention of your audience to other content. But before you start production, take note:

  • Do not overload the information video: the message should be clear and objective;
  • Use SEO techniques to improve the visibility of your web teaser;
  • Omit (deliberately) some information; Think of the teaser as a hook;
  • Does not spread because of the teaser features is to be brief;
  • Avoid cliches and take care of the video editing.

Where to use the teaser concept in practice?

Now that you know how to use the teaser and its most important features, here are some ideas of where to use it to meet the marketing demands of your business:

Introducing your site’s new layout

After working on the new layout for your company’s website, nothing better than getting visibility. A teaser video fulfills that role: to show only certain parts of your page, links and features, you can attract the public’s attention, generating traffic.

To promote a new product or event

Uma das formas mais comuns de se utilizar o teaser é para o lançamento de produtos no mercado. Podem ser filmes, eventos, novas versões de um produto antigo. O mundo do marketing está repleto de exemplos que você pode seguir.

To generate engagement in your social networks

You can work the concept of teaser in its main social networks. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are perfect spaces to release a short video, generate engagement and get a greater range.

As we saw in today’s post, the teaser concept can be applied in different situations to arouse public curiosity, making it clear that “something is about to happen!” And increasing the reach of your social media.

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