For several years now that social networks based video, such as Periscope and YouTube, allow you to do live broadcasts with ease. Not to get out of this trend, other networks have implemented this feature, and today we already have the live broadcast on Facebook and Instagram.

In today’s post, we will learn more about the Facebook Live growth as a resource for audiovisual production and see 4 great tips for you to do well in these transmissions. Check it out!

How has the live broadcast on Facebook come in?

According to a study by Socialbakers, companies have significantly increased the use of Facebook Live in your marketing strategies. Between January and September 2016, among the analyzed organizations, the number of companies transmitting streaming video by Facebook increased by 47%.

This is a considerable increase compared to Periscope, whose use among companies fell from 40% in January to 16% in September 2016.

Take the case of the German Mercedes-Benz brand. Your marketing team promotes several direct lives of events such as auto shows, for example. The number of views is in the hundreds of thousands.

Another company that makes good use of Facebook lives is Tastemade Brazil. They invite YouTubers cooking channels to prepare live recipes for your viewers. The number of views is also about the hundreds of thousands.

How to make better broadcasts on Facebook Live?

Following the tips below, Facebook’s lives will certainly help to increase your business communication. Your broadcasts will be more likely to engage the audience, generate shares, and consequently attract even more people to get to know your business. Let’s go to them!

1. Do Tests setting privacy to “I Only”

Facebook allows you to set your posts to appear just for you. By selecting the “Only for Me” option, you can rehearse before actually appear live to your audience.

It’s a good way to get used to the operation of the Facebook Live, train oratory and evaluate their performance in a presentation of this kind without anyone seeing this process of adaptation.

2. Introduce yourself more than once

During live broadcasts, it is very common for users to start watching after it has already started.

As we can not guarantee that these people will watch the entire video broadcast after the end of an important video marketing tip presents more than once during the live.

If you have a planned duration of time – something strongly recommended to avoid very long videos – set at what time you will perform.

Do this three times a transmission (at the beginning, middle and end) is already a good decision.

3. Make a video with engager look

It may be that your video start for many users automatically and with the sound disabled. So it is interesting that its transmission is visually attractive.

Not to mention that a legal setting helps users to remain alert for longer.

Try to show a nice atmosphere. It does not have to be a very fancy decoration. Put some objects related to the subject you often deal with is enough.

4. Interact with viewers

When you read the comments or answer people’s questions, remember to call them by name. This simple attitude will show users that their opinion is important and valued by their brand.

They feel more involved with your video and the most inhibited viewers may feel free to comment.

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