Since the time of the popularization of TV which is clearly the preference of people for audiovisual content. It is easier to consume and allows a number of possible formats implementations.

That is why it is worth investing in Videomarketing. From a quality planning, you can develop a suitable material to the preferences of its audience in order to offer a differentiated communication, improve your organization’s image, increase sales etc.

Will invest in Videomarketing in 2017? See the 5 major trends that will dominate this market!

1. Live Straming

Increasingly platforms come to support live streaming of live video, allowing any person or company to make transmissions in real time to impact your audience. If you plan to invest in Videomarketing, can take into account this possibility for product announcements, event coverage or other official communications.

Since there is no issue, there is a greater authenticity load that type of content.

2. 360 degree video

With the popularity of virtual reality concepts and the use of motion detectors in mobile devices, it is possible to invest in Videomarketing in a very immersive format: the 360 degrees.

This way, you can provide an innovative experience to their audience by allowing them to place themselves somewhere different – free to look at all sides as the action unfolds.

3. Storytelling em vídeo

Instead of communicating the traditional way, tell stories. One of the strongest trends in the marketing fits perfectly to video format.

Develop narratives that way is very efficient to maximize the public interest, create a relationship with him and motivate him to continue to follow its content. When implemented correctly, the storytelling can communicate information through stories that fit properly to the brand’s goals.

4. Ephemeral Videos

To set in your communication, you need to go to your audience and develop a strategy that fits in his expectations. Recently, people have surrendered to the ephemeral posts Snapchat, which disappear after 24 hours. With the possibility of investing in Videomarketing this format, you can make ads, display products, display racks, among others.

This functionality has spread to other platforms, reaching Instagram and Facebook.

5. Democratic distribution

Do not limit yourself to just one platform to invest in Videomarketing. Evaluate the preferences of your audience and which channels are advantageous for your business serves. Then be sure to publish your videos on all of them, without leaving any out.

It is worth considering a YouTube channel, Facebook page, Twitter account and to import the content in Snapchat and Instagram. Remember to adapt the material to fit into every format.

Investing in Videomarketing means going to think of all the audiovisual potential for the communication needs of your company. Develop good planning that takes into account their objectives and characteristics of your target audience to start the right way. From there, try the most appropriate formats and develop your strategy.

How you plan to start investing in Videomarketing? Share your ideas in the comments!